Tips for dating on BUMBLE


Hey, I am Danielle Bruce the dating expert and the founder of awakened female Today, I'm going to give you some tips to take home and to apply it to your dating experience while using dating app similar to bumble, I know I've had the challenges of dating and the ups and downs and Not knowing what you want and settling for just shitty dating experiences And I really do not want that for you Ladies So I'm gonna you know today I really hope you walk away with some tips to apply to Your experience with dating and to start creating a new dating experience for yourself Apps similar to bumble are such an amazing community of people But you have to be specific on what type of guy you want because if you don't know Then any type of guy will come your way so I'm gonna list these as Bumble goals and We're gonna work through am I only have four this is going to be a super short video But these will be things to get you super clear and help you move forward to have a different experience on bumble So the first one is no expectations I Used to always always have expectations of the guy

I was gonna go on a date with You know, I wanted to have his money together I wanted to have a nice car I wanted him to You know, maybe us get married I mean this guy had no idea of my expectations but I put so much expectations on him and myself for the success of the dating experience and that is just terrible, you know like I think in the day just show up as your truest self and show up and take away things that you Can learn about yourself It's not about changing that person and thinking oh, well if I can change this about them, then he'll be perfect No Don't even go there Take it about what you want to change about yourself and what things are important to you The next one is transparency So to all you girls that are watching this and you do not want a serious relationship You just want to hook up with guys Totally about it totally cool with that

Just make sure you're transparent now the women that Want a long-term relationship or a matter of marriage? You need to be clear about that You don't have to be super aggressive and be like oh I only want to get married and just be super intense because you don't want that for the first date But you want to be transparent and say hey like I'm you know, I really I'm tired of just hooking up with guys I'm tired of just surface level relationships Like I want something that is more valuable to me Like I want a life partner BAM Super simple not too aggressive but you need to be transparent about it because we've all been those girls that have dated a guy for three or six months and we thought it was something super serious, but once we get him to commit he doesn't want to commit to us so That's why you need transparency in the beginning of the dating process Another thing is knowing what you want You have to know What you want to be able? to attract that if you do not know what you want, then you will attract anything and You don't want that We all know the guys that we just settled for and that treated us like complete shit and That's not fun And it makes us feel so terrible about ourselves So know what you want get super clear write it down I Remember, you know actually my boyfriend right now

I showed him my list because I actually manifested exactly what I wanted a man in him and He read the list was like oh my god It's so detailed and I was like, yeah, like that's how fed up I was with shitty guys coming into my life when I wrote that so I you know, yeah, I was like super super powerful about what I wrote and like what I wanted to create my relationship cuz I just got to the point of like Maybe I'm crazy Like maybe I'm never gonna get this guy that you know I can create a life with and he's okay with me being super weird about things or whatever and also being a single mom like I had so much baggage that You know, sometimes you think less of yourself So number four and this might be difficult for you some girls, but you know I've been to the day like if you want a serious relationship and if you want a good guy that is honest No games like even in the beginning Absolutely, no games and you need to create that very severe Boundary for yourself that if you were not gonna play games He is not gonna play games either and you are not gonna put up it you are not gonna reinforce the behavior I mean, this is just like child psychology If you do not want to reinforce a behavior, especially a bad one Do not pay attention to it and just shut it down super easy Stop talking to the guy He's gonna play games because most guys that play games will never admit it There are little boys inside their little brain and at the end of the day It just pumps up their ego They love when you go crazy over them and most the time they're not doing that much of their life so I hope these tips help you if You want to add to any of them? Please comment below? I would love to do another video to help support you let me know How much does this helped you also? Everyone love and light

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