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Hey guys, it's late at night here, but I really wanted to do this video in regards to dating and The words SUPERIORITY COMPLEX So tonight I was facilitating a speed-dating and we really get to observe a lot of things of what's happening in the room and One particular gentleman there he ticked no no no no no no no no no And he just came up and he made sure it was the first one that approached me and gave me his card So of course I'm gonna look at it, and I'm gonna go okay All right

You haven't ticked anything Do you want to tell me what's going on? So conversation came onto so many levels and what he was trying to tell me it actually came up And he said my sister says I have a superiority complex, and I'm like "Okay all right Interesting" So "What do you think? He said

NO, I don't blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, and I went "Okay" So we dug a bit deeper, and I said to him "You know based on what you've put on here Actually you do So if you honestly believe you do not have a superiority complex You need to tick YES to one person" Now funnily enough You know I said "If you're gonna go on a date with anyone in the room who would you go out with?" You know and I said you know I want to know what this is about because of course one of the things that came up in conversation was about You know the visual and yes for dating there is a there is a visual concept to it and what he actually said is "I'd take YOU out on a date!" And I went "Why?" and he said "You know cause the way that you're dressed" so basically He was choosing NOT to take yes to everybody because of the way that they dressed and I looked at him and he was like full-on dressed in a suit and funnily enough this man works within the government so I finally said to him "What do you do for a job?" and when he told me and he gave some fancy name I said "So you work for the local government?" "Yes" oh? Okay, I said, "Do you go to work looking like this?" He goes "No I dressed up for this" I said okay fine, so I said "You're judging a book by it's cover So you're the only reason why you're picking me is because I'm just like this because I'm at work and this is how I dress" (Granted I tend to dress like this all the time, but the reality was I was at work)

So he was choosing somebody or not choosing somebody because of the way that were dressed and did not believe in any way shape or form that he did not have a superiority complex Granted he was started to show me some photographs, and I giggled my head off and I looked at every photograph that he had was him full-on dressed up in a suit! And they all look like modeling photos, and I just kept looking as I walked past and he'd show me another one I'm like "You're in the wrong job!" Rightso one of the stories that I told him and the reality is this is this is us, this is women you know on on apps, because it is all superficial so they're going no no no no no no no no no no oooh I went too fast then Men they normally go yes

Yes yes Yes, yes to raise the odds but he was doing a no no no no no no no and I said to him "You know what, I understand that attraction is important (because it was trying to get down to the crux of "what is the issue?") THE PROBLEM IS NEVER THE PROBLEM You know and We're getting into the nuts and bolts of you know what's really going on so I said to him when you're in your head you're dead! We had a conversation in the break mind you about this okay, and he was like, Nope not interested! and you I said to him "The reality is I met somebody and I saw them for over two and a half years and visually (and I understand with men visual is very important) and I say 'Put the best version of you out there', which is what he was doing Visually I don't know about anywhere else, but it was visual So yes put the best version of you out there What was actually going on I mean literally this person was being so superficial I said I met somebody and visually he didn't turn me on and many of you very visual creatures, but so am I

I said "However it was not only the best fucking sex I've ever had it was also someone I saw for quite a few years I prefer the lights on but not in this case Because you know he had a bit of a tummy, and I'm used to six-packs yet It was mentally stimulating he was very intelligent very stimulating and physically the sex was fucking unbelievable every single time!" Now the reality is is when you're going out on a date Here's a deal and even in these situations you may not end up with someone you're going to marry Okay, however I described to him what dating is No#1 It is a fucking skill and most of you do NOT have this skill You don't know what you're doing You don't turn up in the right presentation, you're not using the right language, you're not listening and this gentleman never fucking asked a question by any of the women yet he said "They were all liars!" They're all liars, and I laughed like okay apparently you didn't ask them any questions (so I discovered by asking the women) okay Gentle soul

hehe So here's the deal You're judging a book by it's cover You may end up with an amazing friendship by going out on a date and then they're not necessarily the person that you're gonna get intimate with You may meet the love of your life through a connection with that person Dating is like crossing a river and imagine you've got this river, and you need to get across the other side and there's a whole stack of boulders There's a whole stack of boulders You've got small ones and you've got big ones and you've got medium-sized ones the small ones I'm only with this person short term the bigger ones I'm with them longer term, and this you know the medium obviously this goes you need different kinds of lengths and relationships But you need to go through these relationships to get to the other side to get to where you want to go So if you are sitting at home and you're watching this and you're holding yourself back from going out and dating because you are having a superiority complex You are judging every book by its cover You're not giving it a goEveryone has the fear of REJECTION The NO#1 fear is LONELINESS the NO#2 is REJECTION Okay, but if you don't ever fucking go out there And you're sitting on your ass on the fucking couch thinking this is called connection This shit is not connection guys What we did at speed-dating that is a very quick way to connect with someone in six minutes, okay But you can't connect with somebody if you haven't asked them a fucking question all right, so That's my tip for tonight is understanding if you think if someone's saying you don't have a superiority complex But you are fucking saying no to everybody you have a fucking superior complex!!! If you are saying I'm not choosing people purely because they're not dressed to the fucking 9's like I am YOU have a superiority complex! And you need to come down 50 notches, and you're not giving a life ago Hence why this person hadn't had a date in way over six months Give it a go

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