Lithium Ion Battery Pack


It continues to astonish me how typically I listen to the following:

” Well, we attempted lithium ion battery pack yet they just lasted for 50 reuses and then they simply died.”

lithium ion battery pack

Undoubtedly, furthermore they tell me that discovered this lot on rechargeables and conserve $2 per 4-pk. I neglected who said being penny-wise and pound-foolish nonetheless it absolutely puts on lithium ion battery pack. Sure, you can head to or one more discount on the internet shop and also purchase cheap, ineffective rechargeables. Or, you can spend some bucks more and also acquire a pack that really works. Be careful of simply mosting likely to the large battery business that market wide ranges of alkaline batteries – due to the fact that you will locate that they actually don’t pay much interest to the quality of their rechargeable stock. Keep in mind that, they would certainly choose to have you get alkaline throw-aways on a monthly basis and time after time.

So, why is the Ansmann brand name so different? The reasons that are listed here for you to examine nevertheless it all boils down to top quality. You get what you pay for. Do not make the same blunder trying to reduce edges. With Ansmann batteries as well as chargers, you are currently mosting likely to conserve hundreds to thousands each year.

Ansmann lithium ion battery pack are specialist quality batteries. They’re manufactured to Ansmann specifications for prolonged life process and long run-times. They are additionally “aired vent” and strong-walled to avoid leakage and also surge. Each battery is shielded by a 2-year guarantee against defect. Many other brand names don’t have these qualities as well as consequently are just created to provide you 50 high-capacity usages. That’s why they don’t cost as much. Ansmann batteries are designed to give high capacity, lengthy run-times for roughly 1000 cycles.

Ansmann battery chargers are produced to collaborate with top quality, high-capacity cells. They offer several over-charge defenses, as well as do not enable the battery to increase above important temperature levels that will certainly damage the battery and also shorten life cycles. Ansmann chargers additionally have “rejuvenate” or “deep cycles” works to keep the battery chemistry in good shape. This is specifically essential when battery gets to 200- 300 uses. Considering that the battery ages, the chemistry can come to be out of balance. The refresh feature brings back the chemistry to a balanced state. Ansmann chargers are covered by a 3 year service warranty versus issues.

lithium ion battery pack

Performance history. Ansmann lithium ion battery pack and chargers are made use of by the leading production centers around the world. Circle du Soleil, and Blue Male Group are only 2 of hundreds of theatre groups, program facilities, institutions and also churches that have actually used our items for greater than a years. It’s constantly wonderful to pay attention to from a church that needs to re-order batteries… 7 years later!

Following time, you consider purchasing lithium ion battery pack on, think about the above. Spend a couple of dollars more and also obtain your cash’s well worth.