How To Deal With A Break-Up | Dating Tips 2018


Nobody likes to deal with a heart-break It's a difficult and painful process

But sometimes, it can get confusing and weird because people say things like: I know, we should cry but don't waste your tears for that idiot Save them for someone special Alchol and a couple of cigarettes and you'll get over with it! Don't block him, okay? It's so kiddish and he will think you care! Join Tinder and start dating again They want us to be happy they miss their friend bubbling with joy But it's not easy to get over a relationship and not waking up to good morning messages Also, listening to those advices means you'll be ignoring your feelings

Something you Something you shouldn't do So, here's how you deal with a heart-break! Cry Tears clear you eyes and help you see the reality And the reality is you are single So accept not being okay

Also, remember the right one, won't leave or make you cry! Avoid alchol, drugs, cigarettes, ice creams, chocolates because you need a new addiction to get over an old one Also, these are temporary solutions And no matter how many glasses of wine you gulp the pain won't subside You'll be just ignoring your feelings instead of dealing with them BLOCK HIM If his presence on your social media blocks your happiness

Trust me, it's not kiddish to put yourself first If you've seen Devdas, you'll know how Chandra Mukhi felt So, avoid dating immidiately because you might end up putting someone in the rebound zone So, relax Give yourself sometime and once you are done doing that and plan to join Tinder Make sure, you watch my video- 8 things to keep in mind before trying Online Dating Taking a week long vacation or going knee-deep into you work might not help either

You need to surround yourself with people who can LISTEN And not people like: Yeah, that's true Really Bad! What were you saying? Wait you need to listen to my break-up story and you will feel better about your situation I know, it's really sad but we've discussed this yesterday

Break-ups are a part and parcel of life You'll be fine in no time Just chill! You need empathy and compassion If you can't find a friend or a family member Who can hold your hand and let you vent without giving you unsoliciated advice Then try therapy

It's amazing! And if pouring your heart out to a complete stranger doesn't work for you Well, start a break-up journal Scribble your feelings The paper doesn't give you unwanted advice and the pen moves in the direction of your thoughts The point is to let out the fears, the lonliness and the sadness This process will give you insights as to where you went wrong

What were the mistakes of you partner and what do you want from your next relationship An once you are done doing that Well, flush the paper and the ex out of your life And always remember Shah Rukh Khan said, 'all things broken can be fixed!' If you want to fix your broken heart then deal with your feelings instead of ignoring them Declutter your mind after a break-up Like you decultter your house during Diwali

And trust me, you'll be fine I am Prerna Khatri and if you like this video then you know what to do And I'll see you guys next Monday!

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