Dating tips from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry


Allo! Allo! Good morning and what a fine morning it is A perfect morning for a royal wedding between Harry and Meghan Markle

My apologies to the people of England for that accent but I'm here this morning I've got my fascinator on and I've got my pearls on I was watching the beautiful fairy tale wedding and some of you out there might be thinking when am I going to get my prince? When am I going to find my future princess or really smoking-hot uh television star? When am I going to find the person for me? So as a relationship expert I've been watching their courtship and I'm going to say to you this morning if you want to get to this point where you're with the person who is the person for you there's three things that Meghan and Harry did right So three things Harry and Meghan did right in their courtship – three things that you can do even if you don't have blue blood or you don't star in a television drama One, they met on a blind date! How crazy is that? Who goes on blind dates anymore? We're all like this: swipe swipe swipe swipe swipe swipe swipe

Who goes on blind dates? But this is the thing Your friends know you Your friends know who you are They know your values They know your personality and they may very well know somebody who's good for you

My parents met on a blind date and they're still together after 60 years or so It's incredible Ask your friends to set you up You never know Two

they took things really slow Now of course this is very important if you are a royal but it's also very important if you're a commoner You want to know the person that you're dating Meghan and Harry, they did the first date in June 2016 they didn't get engaged until over a year and I think it was something like five months later They took some time to get to know each other

They went on one-on-one outings They spent some time together in Africa romantically camping out under the stars Of course we can't all do that but how many of us rush into commitment way too early? I used to do this all the time I would meet someone there'd be really great chemistry and I think oh my god they're the one and I'd be like yeah let's be exclusive after two weeks! Two weeks!!! You don't know anybody after two weeks! It takes you at least three to six months to really get to know a person but I say three months until you commit to someone When I did that, when I waited three months even though I was really hot for the guy, I met the guy for me and we're still together today

Take your time don't rush into things Really get to know a person! Three The third thing that I really admired and I think that they did right although you know there are very different circumstances with royals When you marry a royal you're not just marrying a royal, you're kind of giving up your regular life, your life as you knew it Meghan is keeping parts of who she is

She's not giving up who she is This morning there was an Episcopalian minister giving a really great – I don't know if it's a minister or a preacher or what they call them – but he was giving a really great sermon that was very unusual for the kind of traditional Anglican Church service that you see when royals typically get married They had a gospel choir singing Stand by Me You can just imagine the pressure that would be on this girl as she's getting married to do everything the traditional way and she had elements of tradition in there but she blended She stayed true to who she was

This is very important because how many of us when we're dating give up little tiny bits of who we are just so so that the other person will like us? These are just tiny tiny things we do Like maybe we're planning to go out with our friends but then you know the new person wants to meet and, oh my gosh, the new person so much more exciting than our friends and so we slowly like stop seeing our friends as much Or we stop doing those things we really love to do so that we can spend more time with the new person Or we pretend we like things that we really don't that the person that we're into likes just so they'll like us? Guilty I've done this

We've all done this, but when you stay true to yourself and you set clear boundaries about who you are and you express who you are, you're much more likely to enter into a healthy relationship, a relationship that has a chance, a relationship that is going to make you happy and a relationship that's interdependent as opposed to dependent which is what I really hope up for Megan and Harry So you might never be Royals (and my apologies to Lorde for that) but there are ways that you can date with more nobility

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