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(rhythmic hip-hop music) – I'm Kelsey – And I'm Jazz

– And we're – [Kelsey and Jazz] Your married friends giving you dating advice – We've been married for a decade – So we've amassed a ton of wisdom about love – And we're here to help – Our first lost soul today is my gal pal, Leah

Hey girl, what's up? – [Leah] Hey guys, my boyfriend is bad at telling me how he feels, and I don't know what to do – [Kelsey and Jazz] Dump him – [Leah] Wait, what? – Listen, we've been married for 10 years – And by default, we must have relationships figured out – And since I don't have to think about this for more than a passing second, I'm perfectly comfortable giving you catch-phrased advice – He's trash, you're the best, thanks, Leah for calling

– [Leah] But I still love him (buzzer groans) – That problem solved, I have my childhood pal Garrett on the phone, Garr, talk to me – [Garrett] So my boyfriend and I spent the holidays apart (Kelsey and Jazz gasp) – [Kelsey and Jazz] Dump him! – [Garrett] That's not the thing The thing is he forgot to wish me Happy Hanukkah

– Dump! – Dump him! – [Garrett] What, why? – You can do so much better, we assume – Love shouldn't have to be work – [Garrett] But aren't a lot of relationships work? – Mm mm, no, I've never – No, no, no, no – [Garrett] You're just throwing out advice so flippantly

I want him to be more considerate, not out of my life I thought you guys were experts – We are, so take it from me (romantic music) I'm like the only person he ever dated when he was 12, and happened to never struggle in this area of my life You gotta move on

– That's right, Gih-gare-gara I mean, I've never had this problem or had to put myself out there in any way and I don't even know what dating apps are, and I'll tell ya that every chance I get, but I think we can both agree that you need to start playing the field and – [Kelsey and Jazz] Dump him! (buzzer groans) (funky music) – God, another soul saved, what does Tinder even look like anyway? – Whose to say babe, it's the '70s We got our final caller on the line It's our bestie, Keisha, whaddaya say, K? – [Keisha] So my boyfriend is being a little – Dump him, sorry – Not just yet, not just yet

– I think they need to break up, sorry, okay, keep going – [Keisha] My boyfriend is a little messy and it's really getting to me – Oh you know, we had this problem once – Mm-hmm – [Keisha] My God, really? – Oh, yeah, this one time Jazz was making me too horny just through touching his shoulder, filled me with this agonizing wave of pleasure that was really stressful – We had an honest, clear conversation and it really fixed our problem

(Kelsey laughs) – Yep, you did it just now – I did it again I'm going crazy, uh, sorry does that help? – [Keisha] No, that doesn't relate to what I said at all – Oh, then dump him – What does Bubbly even look like anyway? – [Keisha] Do you realize how difficult what you're suggesting to people is? Because of one small imperfection

– Uh-huh – [Keisha] You want me to leave someone I love Sort through our shared things Move out of our home and find a new place to live – Yep

– [Keisha] And then start all over – Yeah, you'll find someone in no time! – [Keisha] What, like a year, two? – Sure, that seems right – [Keisha] That's two years of my life, that's real time for me you guys Relationships are messy, okay, so fuck you guys and your catch-phrasy advice! (buzzer groans) – Okay, yikes Yes, Keisha seems super difficult

– Yeah, she's trash, and we're great We should dump her – You, guys, thanks so much for listening, I'm Kelsey – And I'm Jazz – And we're – [Kelsey and Jazz] Your married friends giving you advice even though we know nothing about what you're going through

– Want to crack a couple of amyl nitrates? – Yeah – Take a couple qualudes? – Okay, yeah, what else? – I'm gonna feather your hair – Feather it? – Yeah I'm gonna make you look like Farrah Fawcett – Oh, cool

(mechanical buzzing) – Hi, I'm Rekha from College Humor, Click here to subscribe, click here for other fun stuff And thank you so much for watching I love my job, and I'm definitely not trapped in this video (finger squeaking) Things are great

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