Dating Mistakes to Avoid Before Committing to a Relationship (DON’T COMMIT BEFORE WATCHING)


Are you about to commit to someone and are you sure you're not about to repeat your past? Just in case, you better watch Welcome to Power Love TV, my name is Michelle Baxo and for the best advice for women about falling in love without compromising yourself, be sure to subscribe to the channel and hit the bell so you are notified of new videos every week

Look, I'm not trying to be a buzz kill I want you to have that delicious relationship too That's why I don’t want you make these incredibly common mistakes So listen carefully to the top 5 common mistakes women make when committing to a man Mistake # 1 – Following the urge to rush things forward quickly

Mistake # 2 – is basing your decision to commit on a spark or chemistry And before we continue I'd love for you to share with me what are some of the mistakes that you know you’ve made in the past and you wish you hadn't made because it got you in a relationship you probably shouldn't have been in Type that in the comments below Mistake # 3 – is focusing on HIS certainty to make up for your lack of certainty In other words, he's so certain you should be in a committed relationship that you go ahead and agree with him

Mistake # 4 – is thinking you really know him when you actually don’t Sometimes we say things like "I just get him" and our mind is making up this whole picture of another human being but the fact is you may not know him very well at all And mistake # 5 is thinking that the opposite of your last relationship means that it's the perfect relationship for you now IT’S NOT and chances are the polar opposite of what you had the last time is just a different version of the same thing Ok so now you know what mistakes to avoid, but do you know what to do? I recommend you join the conversation that we have Facebook called Powerful Women Looking for Love and if you haven't checked out Power Love Project, go on the website MichelleBaxo

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