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D: Hi everybody! Today we're gonna be talking about relationships D: I know, I know, I know- S: -No you don't D: Why can't we talk about something fun D: But this will be fun! Because right now we're just about to listen to what Stephen has to say about relationships D: Go ahead, Stephen S: Everything's terrible, everything sucks S: Good night, everybody! That's the episode for today

Thanks for joining us We'll see you next time *group chuckling* D: Hosuh, what do you think about relationships, like what are they even? H: Okay, Daniel, so when there's a ma- D: If I met a girl in high school, right? H: Mm-hmm D: We met on a date, and we're friends, and we even held hands, but we never really D: officially said we were boyfriend and girlfriend- H: Wait, in high school?! D: Yeah, are we in a relationship? S: Of course? H: No wait YOU had this relationship? D: No, no this is just an example H: I was like, "I didn't know about this" H: You guys have never spoken to each other that you guys like each other, but you guys just held hands D: We've held hands, we went on dates, we've done a lot of things, but it's never official D: does that mean you never in a relationship or? S: Yes, yea H: No S: Why? H: Okay, I think yes in the sense that where you two like each other and you guys are good to go H: Good job, *clapclap* but like I think you should at least say it out loud and confirm that both of you like each other D: You know, why Hosuh is saying this cuz cuz he has so many side chicks, he can't handle it *chuckling over Hosuh slamming his head in the background* S: Honestly, the most awkward thing you could ever do is think that you're dating someone, and going S: into a relationship, but then all of a sudden they're like, "What? I thought we were just friends" D: So there's a lot of students in high school and even middle school or even elementary school D: they they like someone but they can't get the courage to ask them out, like, what would be your recommendation to them D: well, what would you say to them to help them H: So usually, H: when they're scared to ask someone out, it's because they think their friendships gonna be ruined if they ask them out H: which is true

S: WOW D: *laughs* S: So blunt H: No, but I think it is true H: once you ask someone out, it's so awkward to keep being friends with this person afterwards H: I asked someone out and then they're like, they shut me down and then, I don't talk then more *more group laughing* S: Cut them out of your life you don't need that negativity H: What if someone asked you out and you just wanted to be friends? S: Wouldn't you want to know? S: That's my idea behind it Wouldn't you want to know what they would say you're sitting there? S: just waiting, just being anxious about what they'll say, but don't you want to just go up there and say like, S: "Hey, do you like me?" S: Not that bluntly, but like S: obviously, you can tell that I talked to so many girls I get more tail than a S: Vulpix D: I do that thing I do the D: "compliment and make fun of" test S: "Hey, your boobs are nice" D: "It's a test where you can do it, and afterwards, nothing will be awkward D: but you can kind of tell how they take your compliments, right? What is this? I've never heard of this H: What is this? I've never heard of this D: It's called the "Daniel Strategy," okay? H: "Daniel Strategy 101," let's hear it

D: So let's say Stephens the girl- S: *In a high-pitched voice* "Oh hello Daniel! I didn't know you swung this way! It's okay!" D: "Hey Stephen man, your hair looks really beautiful today"- S: *still in the voice* "It always does, touch my body" D: I mean it looked like shit yesterday, but I guess it looks good today *laughing at Stephen's impression of the female gender* H: What (unintelligible) do you hang around with, Stephen? D: I don't – Stephen have you never talked to a girl? S: *Finally, he's returned to normal* I can't do girl voices That's why I just pitch it higher

H: Okay, so what was the point of that Daniel? D: So, it's called the push-and-pull effect, right H: Kay D: You pull them in with the compliment like "hey, you look really beautiful today but I mean I'm a blind bat D: so what would I know" It's kind of those things are like you you pull them in, but then you choke it off D: so the compliment isn't awkward If they like the joke more than the compliment, D: there's a high chance

They don't like you D: but if they like the compliment more than the joke, there's probably the chance that they like you H: I don't know, that wasn't that wasn't a good joke, so S: Obviously H: I'm pretty sure they'll take the compliment more

S: Pessimist here What are the only two outcomes of a relationship, marriage or otherwise? D: Either death and divorce S: Yeah, exactly S: is the happiness worth the pain you feel at the end of it? H: My uncle passed away, if I were to ask my aunt, "was it worth it? H: Like was it worth the love or the effort you put in to it after he passed away?" H: I know she was really sad afterwards, but I 100% think she'll say it was worth it

H: I don't know what to say, I mea- S: WELL I DO, Stephen loves himself S: first and foremost, and every one of you out there should as well You're gonna be living with yourself S: for the longest If you hate yourself, S: that's gonna be the longest S: 70-some years of your life So it's honestly, love yourself first and foremost, then everyone comes second H: I have a question, what was the point of this video though? *group "uhhh"* H: What were we trying to

D: I don't know H: I think we should have narrowed it down at least D: Yeah, like it should have been like breakups, ex, how to ask someone out H: Yeah, why didn't we do that? D: Yeah, don't worry about it

It was fun See you guys in the next video D: Bye!

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