American Dating Culture: First Date Tips and Other Things


beautiful people good to see you Genesis here I want to talk about American dating specifically some ways that we see relationships and also some things I've noticed about dating and American culture and finally I want to close off with a few tips for let's say if you have a first date with an American so let me talk about some of our views on marriage okay like any other country in this world some of us still view marriage in traditional way however some Americans feel like marriage is just a ceremony or legal title so for these Americans they feel like they don't need a ceremony or they don't need the government to tell them that their love is official for them love is love but a romantic example of this view is one of my best friends she's a sister to me she just got married but for the longest time for like two years her boyfriend was telling her look we don't need to get married I don't need to get married to you and it wasn't because he didn't love her it's just because he thinks that hey marriage it's a ceremony it's a religious ceremony I don't have a religion and I don't need a ceremony to tell you that they got married anyway so when it comes to parents's involvement unlike a lot of cultures in Asia hey Dad I'm gonna go propose to my girlfriend what! serious? no! some parents are not as involved in their children's relationship in America and sometimes they're not even involved at all you know it's so like my boyfriend proposed yeah okay guys really quick note I have to say that some parents are like this not so much because they don't care for their children but because for some Americans some American parents they feel like they should respect their children's rights so much they should respect their own freedom of choice so much that they feel like it will be bad of them as parents to try to tell their children what to do or who to love and then finally some parents may even try to be friends with their children's boyfriend or girlfriend okay guys I'm going to meet my girlfriend's parents so wish me luck hi what can we do for you good evening hi Mr Sanchez I'm here for your daughter oh my gosh yeah you must be Genesis yeah come on in hey you want a beer how about some milk Hey look yeah look Judy told me next week we're gonna go watch football I can't wait I've been waiting for you to watch football with me we're gonna be best friends oh okay yeah all right yeah yeah bro okay guys so what I want to close with a few quick tips if you happen to be going on a date especially a first date with an American now you might notice that my clothes are a little bit different yeah because if I'm gonna be talking about dating I kind of want to look like I'm about to go on a date I don't just want to have my college sweater no something that I think is just a classic almost fail safe idea it's just to do something and go somewhere that invites conversations so this can be something as simple as coffee and America coffee dates are really common thank you so much for meeting up yeah I've been looking forward to it so good coffee yeah it's really good Oh God seriously did I just ask him if that's a good coffee I mean can I pick a lamer topic lunch dates or a dinner date and or going to a bar afterwards now the other thing that I want you to pay attention to is what a lot of people from different countries a country like Britain have said about dating Americans is that for us dates are like interviews like job interviews so one example question is what's on your bucket list a bucket list is a list of all the things you want to do before you die and asking this type of question can show you what's really important to a person what they're really passionate about okay guys I want to move on to the last part of my tips and as you notice there's an empty seat because we're going to be joined by my girlfriend Judy hey guys so the last thing you want to pay attention to is your intention most Americans really respect it if you're honest and open about your intentions so if you feel like you're actually liking someone genuinely romantically surely so one way you can do this is through body language one of the most important things about body language is eye contact so I'm talking to someone right the other thing you can do is touch to show your intentions so at first in a really a friendly way I'll start off with some light touching hey that's awesome very very light very quick and it's friendly then later on it can be a little bit more serious I can touch her in the waist and then you know if if she feels comfortable and I can put my arm around her you know I can even play with her hair hey I think this is really amazing you're just a wonderful person I like you of course who doesn't like me okay wow this is a really awesome night thank you so much I think your personality is really wonderful I really like you me too all right so these conclude my tips for going on a first date or going in the first few dates with an American person I hope they've helped you and I hope the other things in this episode have helped you as well feel free to let me know if you have any other questions thanks so much again for joining us again here at Peas in a Pod we're here for you to help you get deeper into American culture so hey guys see you next time much love

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