10 Dating Tips For Guys (Feat. Josh Leyva)


Guys! If you just clicked this video, it’s wise you stay on and watch it’s entirety No corny pick up lines my friends, let’s keep it classy San Diego

With that being said, I’m Josh Leyva collabing with my boys from ModernWhiz and The WhizSide Crew Welcome to our list of our Top 10 Dating tips for guys! Number 10: The Walk, The Look Woman will check out what you’re wearing first Secondly, how you walk

Check out your stride because Confident men are not in a hurry Walk slowly with a purpose but don’t be a slug Walk like you know what you’re doing and where you’re going Don’t forget about style too Dress to impress, but don’t go overboard busting out a tux

Number 9: Don’t Ask for her number, simply get it This practical tip is very important When you ask for a girls phone number, you may get shot down But if you confidently walk up to a girl, compliment her and give her the sexy eyes and make her smile Tell her, “so throw me your number and we’ll kick it” Confident men, do not say “Can I get your number?” don't show weakness on your first encounter Confidence is key Number 8: Look Into her eyes

The eyes, chico They Never lie (Scarface quote) Eye contact is key guys! Don’t shy away from looking into her eyes that lets her know you are fully engaged and present She has your full attention! Let her know by gazing into those beautiful ojos Number 7: Take A Compliment Insecure people deflect compliments, if she says she likes your smileJust say “thank you, I like your smile too” When a guy feels insecure at the moment, sometimes he will list reasons why he doesn’t deserve it Be secure in yourself! You got it going on too bro! Number 6: Be a Gentleman Open her door, be cool with the bartender, be a man who doesn’t need to act like he needs respect, be a man who just gets respect by being himself Being nice is cool When a woman sees other men looking up to you for being a good guy, she feels more safe

Lead by example Number 5: Be Direct If you want a kiss from her at the end of the night Go for it bro If you want to go inside her house, tell her at the door Don’t make weird excuses like you need to use the bathroom, just be direct with her about everything And if she says No, then its a No at least you gave it the old college try

Number 4: You Have to experience Failure to appreciate Success This tip will help you throughout life Remember the Dwayne Wade gatorade commercial when he talks about falling down 5 times before he dunks on a 7 footer? Same thing applies here You have to get denied and fail with girls You have to be okay with her giving you the No

Once you lose your fear of failure You will always find success Believe that Number 3: Believe You’re The Catch Let's say she makes more money than you and has a better career

So what? Don't feel emasculated, take it as a compliment Celebrate her success and just be the warm and loving dude that you truly are You dont have to lie about what you do or how you do it She’ll just appreciate you, if YOU believe you’re the catch

Number 2: Don’t Expose Your Negatives When you’re talking about any subject, especially yourself, stick to the positives Let’s not tell her about the time you got so drunk you peed your bed Positive words will only create positive emotions Remember to keep a positive mental attitude at all times

She will appreciate your love for life and all the positive vibe Number 1: Practice Makes Perfect Practice? We talkin about practice? (famous allen iverson interview) Improve your social skills with practice It’ll make you more confident and your ice breaking skills will increase

Spark up a convo with strangers, man or woman old or young Make small talk and become more friendly with strangers Once you get rid of your anti social behavior you’re one giant leap into getting to know your crush! So watch this video as many times over , if needed and leave us questions in the comment section below ((Josh Leyva)) And there you have it, our list of “10 dating Tips for guys” Did we miss any other good dating tips? If so, mention them in the comment section below, and as always/don't forget to like, share, and subscribe

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